Elex International-Best Different Types of Knitting Machines and Their Advantages

Elex International is a brand famous for the knitting machine. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of various types of knitting machines in India since 1962. Elex International manufactures a variety of knitting machines in their company.

Elex International evolved to large extent with the passage of time. They started out with hand flat knitting machines and then now they manufacture semi-automatic to fully computerized knitting machines. You can get any types of knitting machines here in elex international.

In this article, I will share various types of knitting machines and their attributes along with some advantages. It might help you in drawing some facts if you are planning to purchase knitting machines for your business.

Elex International-Best Different Types of Knitting Machines and Their Advantages

#1 Computerized Flat Bed Knitting Machine
Computerized Flat Bed Knitting Machine contains a computer control LCD display, data direct input east to key in programs, easy to operate. It also provides read and obtain information LCD display system. The number of pieces is knitted and to be knitted is also known with this machine. This machine is fast, compact, economical and reliable. All the information is clearly displayed on the machine’s LCD panel. This is one of the types of knitting machine that saves your lot of time and energy. The model name is g-216 dj, width-45”, 52”, 60”, fabric take- compound main roller, racking 6 levels, cam system-single system and it has many other specifications you can check our website for more information.

#2 Fully Automatic Flat Knitting Machine

This is a model g – 211, knitting width 28", 32", 40", 44", 52", 60", 72", 80", gauge 5,7,8,10,11,12,14,16, knitting speed 1.0m - 1.5/sec, stitch length is automatic. This has a control system which contains micro computer system with easy control pad. It also contains cam system single cam (separate centre cam). The commands have been controlled fully by the computer. It also has the feature of stop motion which initiates when there is needle breakage detection in the machine. You can know more about the machine on our websites. The advantages of fully automatic flat knitting machine are economical, easy to operate, useful for making uniforms, collars, sweaters, cardigans etc.

#3 Semi Automatic Widening Knitting Machine

Semi-automatic widening knitting machine has a g-212 model number. This machine is computerized and is easy to use. This contains widening knitting machine which is driven by AC motor and is controlled by the inverter with a timing belt. Some of the features of semi-automatic widening knitting machine are the carriage stroke is enlarged automatically, the carriage has 5 variable speed automatic and can be changed by the computer. The machine can also sense the right and left needle which can be widen automatically with help of a computer. You can position the narrowing count to shorten the carriage stroke automatically. You can save up to 30 knitting file in the computer. For more, you can visit our website elexindia.

In Conclusion
In this article “Types of Knitting Machines” I try to give you a brief knowledge about the brand and services they provide to their clients. You can use this information to make a decision if you are planning to invest your money in the knitting machine. Also Read: Knitting machine and its Various Advantages