The Elex International- The Best Knitting Machine Manufacturer 2018

Elex International is one of the best & leading knitting machine manufacturer in India. We are the oldest manufacturer of knitting machines. We have started in the year of 1962. With the advancement in technology, we become fully automatic and computerized knitting machines manufacturer. The founder of Elex International “S.Pritam Singh Panesar” and under the strong and continuous guidance, we have reached this milestone in this business. His son “S.Gurdev Singh” is totally a devoted, dedicated and the inspiration.

With our vast experience in this field and advanced equipment, Elex group is always committed to providing the best to the knitting industry from fashion, design, creativity and we are still improving our unique technology, creative ideas, advanced software which brought us to introduce the fully fashioned high-speed flat knitting machines, the right solution for the knitwear industry.

In this article, we will share our services that why we are the best knitting machine manufacturer. Welcome all of you to the new world of Computerized Flat Knitting Machines and experience the difference, technology, reliability which stands for a successful way to the future.

The Elex International- The Best Knitting Machine Manufacturer 2018

#1 Best for Textile & Garment Production

Computerized Flat Bed Knitting Machine contains a computer control LCD display, data direct input east to key in programs, easy to operate. It also provides read and obtain information LCD display system. These machines are for textile and garment production. Flatbed machines can be computerized or hand-operated. With the selection of appropriate color, type of stitch, cam design etc, so many and almost unlimited varieties of clothing is possible.

#2 Modern Circular Machines

This machine may have 100 feeders, allowing each needle to pick up 100 threads per revolution. Modern machines also have a pattern wheel that control the needle action to produce special stitches. The commands have been controlled fully by the computer. It also has the feature of stop-motion which initiates when there is needle breakage detection in the machine. You can know more about the machine on our websites. The advantages of a modern circular machine are economical, easy to operate, useful for making uniforms, collars, sweaters, cardigans etc.

#3 Fast, Economical and Easy To Use

All of these machines have the quality that they are fast, economical and easy to use. The regular and uninterrupted use of machines can results in the production of bulk clothes in a shorter period of time. These are not really expensive if you use it as a profession. You need to purchase the machine and you can produce many fabrics or products which can balance your investment within few months. If you are planning to start a career in this area then you can invest your money here.

In Conclusion
In this article “Knitting Machine Manufacturer” we “Elex International” have shown you some glimpses of services we provide to our clients. This will help you to give a better idea about the knitting machines.