Elex - Single System

With this computerized singe carnage system machine, we can make tuck. Pointelle, intarsia, Transfer, jacquard design and other regular patterns.

    Product Description :

  • Model :Elex FL152A,FL160,FL172A
  • Gauge :3/5/7G, 5G, 7G, 8G, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G
  • Knitting Width :52" 60" 72"
  • Knitting System :Single Carriage, Single System
    Knitting system three-way technique and transfer with split stitch function.
  • Knitting Speed :Max. 1.2m/sec.
  • Yarn Carriers :16 yarn carriers on 3 double rails.
  • Needle Selection :Full jacquard selection via special solenoids
  • Transfer :Simultaneous transfer, front or back, independent of carriage direction.
  • Stitch Density :24 levels independent selection, electronic control with stepping motor 0-650 steps on each level.
  • Racking :Racked by servo motor and high precision ball screw system.
    Racking 1/2 pitch also available from any position
  • Fabric Take Down :Upper Roller only.
  • Stop Motion :Yarn break, knot, press off, needle break, shock, over torque, piece count, over run, program error etc.
  • Drive :AC servo motor, tooth shape driving belt, no oil needed. Variable adjustable programmable speed levels.
  • Top Tensions :Electronic top tensions easy to thread the yarn through. Large knots cause machine stop.
  • Yarn Feed Unit :Auto. Positive feeding device on each left and right side.
  • Safety Cover :Full safety cover for anti-noise and dust proofing. Emergency stop buttons.
  • Operation Lamp :Green : normal operation
    Yellow: abnormal / manual stop.
    Red: emergency stop.
  • Controller

  • Data Input :USB Flash drives
  • Operation & Display :LCD screen, Chinese or English versions available.
  • Pattern Memory :4M
  • Power :single phase AC 220V 1.8 KW, adopts advanced CMOS technology, having memorizing function at power-off moment
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Elex JM152A - Single System